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Free Excel Application for Beam System Design
The fastest way to get practical results for beams and system of beams
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Maybe you think - why Excel?
Why not "pure Internet application". My answer is clear. No matter you want to believe it or not, so called "Internet Applications", which have been written mostly in Java are in very early stage of development. There is no software, which can come close to almost full-featured spreadsheets like Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel. Personally I prefer Lotus much more, even if it does not have good Internet features, but since majority of people use Excel, I have decided, that it is better choice. So I had to struggle to use it. Some Excel functions did not seem to work properly, but I had managed to go around it.
I will add Java's or any other "Internet Spreadsheet" when it will appear as a reasonably good environment. Since then loading a spreadsheet into the Excel from Internet does not create a big problem, but you have to have Excel installed on your system
Some features and benefits of using our software
   No need for unnecessary input, watch your design results while entering data
   Apply different load factors to different load cases
   Change your input and get all results recalculated in almost no time
   Watch your charts updating in real time when changing your input data
   Verify your input easily under any single load
   Get your total final results due to factored loads
   Create links to reactions and apply them as loads to other beams in the system
   Apply all your results by linking them to any software supporting dynamic links
   No limit on number of beams
   No restrictions on printing or saving results and input data.
   No restrictions when copying and pasting data to different applications
   And when you think you have already finished your job and suddenly some changes to the basic plan, layouts, loads, ... will come, what usually happens in the real world, you do not have to start from the scratch and repeat the whole process again. In this case almost nothing is lost. Just change few numbers even if they are on the beginning of all calculations and all the rest will be updated in seconds.

Another way to load the application is to open it directly from the Excel:
{FILE} {OPEN} http://kowalczuk_r.tripod.com/eng/static/simplbm3.xls

If link to the Excel application does not work with your system
You have to open the file into the Excel directly from its Internet location to make it fully functional:
If you clicked on the link and your Windows System has saved the file into the temporary folder and then the Excel has opened it from this temporary location, this application will not function. If this is the case then just load the file from Excel directly from its original Internet Location.
If you do not know how to do it, just follow this 3 step detailed instruction, which uses "copy and paste" Windows standard procedure.

1. Highlight this text - http://kowalczuk_r.tripod.com/eng/static/simplbm3.xls -, which represents the Internet file location, then copy it into the clipboard  by pressing -- [ Ctrl ] and [ C ] -- keys simultaneously,

2. Go to your Excel and from the menu close the file (without saving it) -- { File }  { Close }  { No } -- if you have opened it previously,

3. From Excel menu open the file by -- { File }  { Open } -- and paste previously copied text, by pressing -- [ Ctrl ]  [ V ] -- keys simultaneously, then press the [ Enter ] key.

The application should appear in your Excel.
Using Beam System Design is straightforward and intuitive.

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